WTS tanks are modular tanks system manufactured to satisfy your highest expectation in terms of storage solutions and are made with Zincalume® Steel the globally awarded brand with superior rust resistance properties. The alloy is made up of 55% aluminium, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon that provides WTS tanks a life expectancy in excess of 25 years.

The main characteristics for our Australian-designed system are as per below list:


The roof is made of hot dipped galvanized self-supporting roof trusses (dome structure) that can be supplied on demand with an added protective layer to make them suitable for raw water or aggressive liquid applications. The trusses are fixed to the tank shell structure and Zincalume® G550 high tensile custom orb corrugated roof sheets 0.48 thickness are overlayed.

When requested for specific projects our tanks can be supplied as open top (no roof).

open-top-tanks trusses


Fabricated out of Bluescope Zincalume® Steel (Zinc/Aluminium alloy) that exhibits outstanding anti-corrosion properties makes our tanks highly suitable for applications that require durability and long service life.

The tank body is built using Zincalume® Steel corrugated panels assembled together using hot dipped galvanized high tensile bolts grade 8.8 in a circular configuration and overlapped horizontally and vertically to form a sturdy cylindrical structure.

According to the tanks sizes and especially heights the tank wall panels are laminated (multi-layered) in order to create the required resistance to hydrostatic pressure.


WTS tanks are fitted with a one piece internal liner, fiber reinforced PVC-polyester, multi layer, food grade, anti-algae, heavy duty liner with a woven multifilament nylon scrim for the storage of potable water or other liquids with a ph 5-10 range in accordance with the AS 4020/2005.

The stored liquid is contained in this water tight liner that ensures that there is no contact between the tank shell and the liquid creating a clean, hygienic and sealed environment therefore eliminating the use of silicones or sealants.

Our liners are suited for the storage liquids up to a temperature of 70°C and potable water, chlorinated water, treated & waste water, demineralized water and many other applications.


In terms of foundation works our tanks require a minimum preparation being designed to be installed on a reinforced concrete ring beam filled with lightly compacted clean sand.
Preparation is relatively fast and simple and offers significant cost savings (approx 80%) when compared to an equal capacity tank type foundations.



WTS tanks offer through their flexible design the flexibility to install the fittings through the roof, wall and floor. As a standard option our nozzles are manufactured out of MS steel and hot dipped galvanized and external flange connections are made to suit most standard tables (ANSI, D, E, DN etc). As an alternative upon request HDPE and SS fitting can be made available.

pic11 fit-2


Water Tanks Specialists will supply also the full range off accessories required for the proper usage of the installed tanks. Such list will include ladders and platforms, access hatches, heavy duty roof ventilators, level indicators, geotextile, dust and vermin proofing and roof fascia.


level indicator

roof ventilator


vermin proofing